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So, how many active twitch followers do you have?

This is a tricky question for streamers, isn’t it? If you’re a Twitch streamer, then it goes without saying that you can’t afford to dismiss the significance of your follower count. After all, not only does your follower count on Twitch means more influence in your niche, but it also signals that your audience is interested in your streaming channel. Followers are prospective subscribers, and the more subscribers you have more money you’re likely to make. But how do you get people to follow your streaming channel on Twitch in the first place?

Why Twitch Is So Popular

Today, video games are the cynosure of all generations. Roughly 70% of Americans play video games on their mobile devices. This just goes to show how popular video games are today. Many people spend a significant amount of time hooked to their mobile or computer devices to enjoy a brief glimpse into the fantasy world that video games have to offer. The false sense of greatness and achievement provided by these games are out of this world.

This is where Twitch comes in – video games are the quintessence of Twitch. People from all over the world can watch other individuals play, or live stream their unique gameplay. However, it’s important to note that gaming is not the only content on Twitch, some users also stream cooking demonstrations, music broadcasts and IRL broadcasts (In Real Life) where they live stream aspects of their lives.

Not everybody is interested in spending hours in front of their computer screen playing games; some might opt to enjoy watching other people play. Novice gamers might also want to watch other gamers play for them to get tips on how to pass certain levels or collect particular items in video games. Twitch also makes it possible for users to interact with each other and follow their favorite streamers. Like soccer fans watching Messi or Ronaldo play.

So if you’re a streamer, you have the potential of cashing in on this opportunity through subscriptions. But first, you need to get followers.

How To Get Real Twitch Followers

Streamers who want to get many followers quickly have to make it their top priority and treat their Twitch channel like a short-term addiction, double down and earn thousands of followers. To help you grow your initial Twitch followers fast and stress-free, here are some things you can try.

1. Gain Free Twitch Followers

Undoubtedly, people love free options. Twitch has about 15 million active daily users, and there are different ways to convert some of these users into followers and ultimately into subscribers. However, if you want to pull off gaining free followers on Twitch successfully, you’ll need a lot of time and the following strategies.

– Use social media
– Watch other streamers
– Engage in conversations with your current followers
– Set up a referral system with other streamers
– Be creative and strategic with your streaming
– Be consistent
– Stream a lot and also simulcast your Twitch stream on other sites like YouTube

The other free option on the table to help you get free followers on Twitch is to use Twitch Bots. These bots can engage in conversations and even pant comments with your viewers and other users. There are also other bots such as the Viewbot that increase the number of ad views and make a page seem more popular than it actually is to attract followers.

Getting your hands on Twitch Bots is pretty easy and might seem like a brilliant idea, but it’s not the best option, though. Besides, Twitch Bots are damaging to your reputation plus bots are banned on the platform, and accounts using bots stand to face hefty penalties and even risk also being banned.

Unless you’re ‘Ninja’ or ‘Tfue’ who are Twitch streamers with the most followers, you are going to need to up your game when it comes to getting followers on Twitch. So what’s the big secret? How did streamers like ‘Ninja’ come to get more than 14 million followers? Of course, you can always choose a slow and steady progression. But is that really what you want? To have a hundred followers when you could potentially have thousands? Probably not. Fortunately, there’s an excellent way for you to get the initial traction and grow your followers – buy Twitch followers!

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