How to Create an Account on Twitch?

The wave of streaming on the Internet has been growing exceptionally, and the popularity of this type of streaming has peaked over the last few years. This was responsible for creating several new stream platforms like YouTube and Twitch and made several thousand people become streamers and made it their primary source of income. In this article, we will comprehensively clarify the query “How to create an account on Twitch” and help you get started with your Twitch account.

Twitch is a game streaming platform where you can play your desired game and showcase your skills to everyone. There are about 15 million active viewers at the platform and thousands of pro streamers who are there to entertain you with their awesome games and let you relax while they hustle. Twitch changed the life of many streamers by making turned them into a well-known internet celebrity and superhero for their fans. If you are struggling to start up with Twitch, then you are at the very right place as this article is for the ones who are completely blanked about

create twitch account

How to Create an Account on Twitch?

Getting started and creating an account on Twitch is very simple and easy. Below are certain things you should know before you start up with your Twitch account.


Streaming online on Twitch is easy and simple if you fulfill certain criteria and have some knowledge about the platform and how does it work. Read this post on how to use twitch on pc.

Requirements for a viewer

Witnessing people hustle and struggle in a game is one of the fun things to do online, and I personally enjoy viewing games, and my favorite streamer is Ninja. Anyways, to view, you just need a device where you can reach out to the Twitch website ( and a Twitch account. If you have a device but struggling for an account, then sit back because you will be clarified with all your questions in this comprehensive article. Also, you need a good internet connection as a quality visual, and lag-free experience demands fast internet speed. 

Requirements for a streamer

Streaming live on the internet with so many dedicated viewers push you to enhance their experience. Apart from a good machine or gaming console, there are certain requirements to start with streaming on Twitch. I have listed below the basic requirements for you to stream on

Streaming Software

Like, a domain of a website is nothing without a good hosting, your streaming account and PC is nothing without a streaming software. A streaming software works to capture and compress your visuals and send it to the server of your streaming service(Twitch). There are many streaming software, but I would recommend you to choose from Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) and XSplit. To start streaming twitch on pc, you need good streaming software.

Good Microphone & Webcam

The viewers offer the most precious thing to you, which is time, and if they are paying their attention and time, then you should make efforts to enhance their experience at your channel. For that, you need a microphone and a webcam to improve the audio & video quality of your stream. 

So these were some basic requirements you need to consider before starting up with Twitch.


Steps to Create an Account on

As mentioned before, making an account on Twitch is pretty easy and simple due to the user-friendly interface they offer, but if you are a little confused with it, then below here are simple steps to create an account on Twitch.


  1. Visit the Official Website: The first thing you need to do is to visit their official website that is
  1. Sign up:: After visiting the official website, click on the top right corner button, which says, “Sign up.”
  2. Enter the Info: The next page will be a form asking simple questions like username (type your desired name), password, date of birth, email (use your email only), and captcha verification. 
  3. Enter Verification Code: Next thing will be a popup asking for a verification code which is sent to your email id (the email you used while registering)

Now you own a Twitch account and now can easily move further to view or stream games.

Certain Things You Need to Know About Twitch

Follow Channels & Games

To view and be a part of a streamer’s family, you must follow their channel. If you want a variety of streams, then make sure you follow as many channels and different games as you can. No one likes to view the twitch channel, which has no followers and fewer views. One of the ways to increase your channel growth is to buy twitch followers and viewers.

A Better Visual Experience

So you love watching streams, but there might be a thing you don’t know which is “Theatre Mode,” this mode gives you a better and bigger visual experience by decreasing the live chat and other options and increasing the main screen.

Become Social

There is also the option of adding new friends, which will make you more social and help you create your own audience. The inbox or message box of Twitch is called “Whispers,” which is quite amusing, and interacting with new people makes it more than just a streaming platform.


Twitch Prime

If you are a subscriber of Amazon Prime, then you will also have the perk to be a member of Twitch Prime, which offers ad-free video experience, a free monthly channel, and a lot of free games & goodies. Also, make sure to claim every month’s Prime loot from the crown option (at the top right corner)



You can stream games on twitch for a maximum of 48hours and not more than that. So this was all about “how to create an account Twitch,” and I certainly hope that I fulfilled all your queries regarding the subject and other related things to it. I am not a gamer for sure, but I love watching those professional streams and be a part of it. If you are stuck at any step or need any solution regarding the subject, then please make a comment below so that I can help you by posting a helpful solution.


Please don’t forget me as you might be the next streaming celebrity.


How to Start Streaming on Twitch on PC?

Streaming games is the next big thing on the internet, and it has already created its hype, which started from YouTube and brought a whole new platform for streaming games called “Twitch.” In recent years has gained a huge number of streamers as well as viewers. If you are searching for a subject related to “How to start streaming on twitch on PC,” then you are at the very right place, and sticking to this comprehensive article will certainly kill all your queries. If you don’t have twitch account then you should read this post on how to create an account on twitch.

Start Streaming on Twitch

If you like experiencing super awesome games or even love to show off your gaming skills to get more twitch followers, then is the place for you to go right away. If you are not satisfied with your current twitch followers count, then you can buy twitch followers to increase your followers.

The thing which attracts most of the streamers is its simple interface and the free streaming service for all. Let us get started with the inked subject.

Note: Apart from computers and laptops, twitch also allows other gaming consoles to stream like PlayStation & Xbox, but we will stick to the subject, which is about streaming on PC.

How to Start Streaming on Twitch on PC?

Before we move to more complicated steps, first understand the needs required to stream on Twitch and ready it up. I have stated some points which you need to start streaming and blowing the internet with your super-cool gaming skills.

Here Are Some Important Things to Check on before Starting with the Main Subject

A Good Machine

You don’t need a beast machine or any expensive computer to stream on twitch; you only need those if you are playing/streaming any high graphics or extremely premium game. Twitch requires a basic processor of Intel-Core i5-4670 or (an equivalent AMD processor), a minimum of 4GB of RAM, and a Windows 7 operating system for least. If you are going to stream big high graphics games, then you must consider your graphics card too (must support Direct X and above). Apart from all these machine specifications, you should be connected to a fast internet for the hassle-less experience. Also, make sure you have a decent microphone and a webcam so that viewers can have an excellent quality of audiovisuals.

Twitch Account

Without a Twitch account, it is impossible for you can’t project anything, but the good news is making a twitch account is really easy, and it does not ask even for a penny (absolutely free). You can directly visit and sign up for free. You can edit your profile avatar, name, and channel description to attract more viewers.


There are some dedicated softwares which will act as a server between you and the twitch. The OBS or Open Broadcasting Software and the XSplit Software are the two most popular softwares used to stream high quality and lag-free games. OBS is completely free, but whereas XSplit has some key features which are offered to only paid subscribers. Apart from these two, Gameshow is another userfriendly and simple streaming software you can try.

According to the latest currents, we can say that will launch its own streaming software.

So these were some petty requirements to start streaming on the biggest game streaming platform.

Setting up Your Twitch Page

Now you know enough about the needs to start streaming on twitch on PC. First of all, you need to install and set up a broadcasting or streaming software (say OBS or XSplit). As mentioned before, Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) is free, but the drawback is that it takes big storage and is a little complex, whereas XSplit is simple and easy to understand but paid. 

After the installation of streaming software, you should now Signup or Login to; then at the dashboard, you will have a search bar where you can search and select the game you want to play, later that type the broadcast name and click update.

Configuration of Streaming Software

The final and most exciting step is to know how to use your streaming software. After setting your Twitch page, you need to configure your streaming software to start finally.

I recommend you to choose Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) if you are just starting up with game streaming as this software is free to use and that makes it an ideal one. Open the software and jump to the settings tab and click on “Broadcast Setting,” and there select “Twitch” as your streaming service. This tab will also ask for a stream key that you will get from the dashboard of the Twitch website, copy the stream key, and past it at the OBS tab and press OK.

After all these simple and easy settings, you need to follow below setups to finally go live:

  • In OBS, open the source box and select “Game Capture.”
  • Now select the game of your choice and click OK
  • On the next page, you can add any additional logo or layout if you want to or skip and click on Start Streaming.

And DONE! If you followed each step, then you must be live streaming on Twitch.


Streaming games live is one of the best fun things to do on the internet and gain the power to your social strength or even a way to get popular. I personally watch the game stream for like hours and love to. In this article, we solved the query of how to start streaming on Twitch on PC, and I hope that this comprehensive piece of knowledge satisfied all your queries but anyhow I left something, or you are stuck at any step then please let me know by making a comment below, and I will be back to you with the best possible solution and leave you with no doubt.

Which is your favorite PC game that you will be streaming first on Twitch?


How to Get Followers on Twitch?

Twitch is a platform for live streaming, just as they do on other social networks like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. However, there is a big difference between the other social networks and twitch, as the platform is exclusively dedicated to games. Twitch allows gamers to stream their skills and monetize their content in several ways. People strive to gain followers, and so in this article, I will answer the most popular question on the internet “How to get followers on Twitch.”  

get a twitch follower

Most of the content published on twitch is championship games and players trying to break records in games. Twitch has become a reliable source of income, and recently, many people dropped their standard job and are streaming full-time. The success in twitch depends on the number of people watching you and following you, and hence, it becomes very necessary to get followers to star as a potential streamer on twitch. Sit back as we have shared some unique tips to get followers on twitch.

Before you begin with the main subject, here are some points for you to read:

  • Twitch is a social platform for people to watch or stream games and have fun, and it does not promise any fixed earning to any streamer. You should start streaming on pc to attract more followers.
  • You are certainly wrong if you think that getting followers means more money as it does not pay you for the number of followers you have but for monetizing your stream and partnering with twitch partner and twitch affiliate program.More twitch followers means more money. Read this post on how to make money on twitch.
  • Patience is very important if you are looking forward in making a career on twitch or even on youtube as it takes more than your time and hard work; it takes “Patience.” There are some easy ways to increase twitch viewers and followers. One of them is to purchase twitch viewers.

How to Get Followers on Twitch?

You already know what twitch is, and so I am not going to waste your time explaining that crap. I know it is pretty hard to get followers on Twitch, and just by streaming all day won’t get you anything. But there are certain exercises to do to gain followers and get recognition by the top streams and below I have listed some of the effective things to do and get followers on twitch.

Use Your Fortune

If you are pretty serious about streaming full-time and you have the charm to attract and entertain people, then you can invest your money to get recognition. People can do paid collaborations on other channels to gain followers or can pay to get a shoutout from popular streamers. You can also invest in google ads and run advertisements for your channel and get impressions, and if you are good at what you do, then those may turn into real followers. Apart from all this, you can also buy followers from third-party services, which charge a few dollars and drop 100-1000 followers on your profile, and this is the fastest way to get followers on twitch.

Make Family Not Fans

The internet has the power to bond with people without knowing you personally. Twitch makes you meet and spend most of your time with them, and that lets you interact and make a strong bond with them. And if you don’t interact well, then they might never be back on your stream and is a big loss for you. There are 80% chances that if you behave well and calm with anyone who visits your broadcast, he/she will certainly follow you and will come back too. So be nice and treat everyone who attends your broadcast as a family and you will certainly earn a fan too.

Be Social on Other Channels

Communicating just on your broadcast won’t help until someone joins in and interacts back and so it is important for you to join other broadcasts and connect with people outside of streams too. You can directly text people at Whisper (slang for inbox) and be more personal. Creating a Discord Server is also a good option to create more personal interaction with your viewers. All these things will eventually end up dropping a large sum of the positive followers.

Play What You Love

It is the best thing to gain a regular viewer if you play or do what you love as you will be the best at that. Choosing the genre of games is also important; you can’t just log in and play some random game and bore your viewers, and it will certainly decrease your follower rate. I recommend you to choose a unique and a game which is not so popular, and you love playing and are good at it as all these factors will hold the viewer to your broadcast for a long time, and they will surely choose to follow and come back again.

Build a Good Looking Channel

Your channel is like a portfolio for you, and it describes you. So you should not put anything there but things which really appeal to the visitor to check your broadcast or even follow you. If you want to gain more followers on Twitch, then you need to organize the channel description. Put phrases that attract followers in sections like “About Me,” “Frequently Asked Questions,” “Social Networks,” and anything relevant to your people. So it is very important to build a good profile of your channel which should stimulate people to follow you.


One thing I will personally advise you if you are going to start streaming games as a full-time job is that makes sure you don’t rush and be patient about gettings things successful and make sure to project an excellent audio-visual quality to enhance the experience for your followers. This was everything about how to get followers on twitch, and I hope that this comprehensive article helped you in some way or another. So best of luck with your career as a game streamer, and if you have any questions regarding this subject, then please make a comment below as I will solve it and reply to you soon.

Which game do you love watching and who is your favorite streamer?


How to Make Money on Twitch?

It almost sounds fake and senseless if someone paid you for playing super awesome games, right? But there are certain ways which will make this statement pure and genuine. Yes, you can earn money by playing and streaming games, and in this article, I will explain how to make money on twitch and other relevant things comprehensively. If you don’t know what twitch is, then you must be dead for certain years socially as it is one of the most trending topics on the internet.

Twitch is a platform just like YouTube but has a slight difference. It allows you to view or stream games. You can play games on your computer or gaming console and stream it live online and have fun with millions of active users. The real shocking perk is that you can even make it a primary source of income and drop off your regular job as many of the successful streamers did. Stick to the article if you want to know certain ways to make money on twitch.

How to Make Money on Twitch?

How to Make Money on Twitch

This question has received much interest in new teenagers, but I will recommend people to not to get influenced by the money top streamers are making because they gave years of hard work and patience for where they are. But if you are really serious about streaming games and searching for ways to earn on twitch, then you are at the very right place, below here are some verified and effective ways to make money on twitch.

The top streamers have often said that they are earning pretty good through twitch. Recently, Ninja claimed that he has reached up to the mark of $500/month, which is pretty amazing, and all this has stimulated so many people to join this league of streamers. 


Once you sign up for Twitch, you can add a donation button to your channel, allowing viewers to donate money to you. Although it is not that effective as below mentioned ways, it can still be a backup for your small expenses. Donations can range from INR.70 ($1) to INR.70000 ($1000) at one time. The good thing is that they don’t have to pay for a subscription or have a minimum number of fans to collect donations.


It is the most effective way to earn a good living by streaming games on Twitch. After receiving constant viewers of more than a number of 500, then you can sign up for a free twitch partner program. After signing up with a twitch partner program, people can subscribe to your channel for $4.99 dollar a month. Twitch being the host of your channel, will charge $2.50 and pay the rest $2.49 to you. This will certainly grow your regular income, and you just need potential subscribers for whom you can work and play hard.

Affiliate Program

Twitch has always been kind to its streamers and constantly do changes and bring out new thing in favor of the hardworking streamers. Twitch has also released its Affiliate Program, which will allow users to send bits to show a gesture of supporting your stream. To be a part of the Twitch Affiliate, you will need to comply with the statements mentioned below:

  • Must have 50 followers. Read this post on how to increase twitch followers.
  • Broadcasted for 500 minutes in the last 30 days.
  • Broadcasted seven times in 30 days
  • User should have at least three different viewers in the stream (in last 30 days)

If you comply with these points then within a month you will receive a request mail to join the affiliate program. Some people purchase twitch followers to increase their followers. We offer high-quality twitch followers at an affordable price.

Ad Revenues 

No one on Earth like creepy ads, but these ads are the ones running the internet and also the most popular way of earning online and not only on twitch but even on YouTube and other websites. So the streamers can earn through ads revenue, which depends upon the number of viewers watch the ad on the particular channel stream. It is an amazing source of income if you have a big follower base as it will increase the number of ad views and eventually increase your revenue.


If you got enough fans online and viewers on the stream, then you might get offers from big brands that will ask you to use their product in your stream and will pay you a really good sum for it. I will remind you that it takes a lot of time getting or reaching that level; for instance, the most popular streamer of twitch “Ninja” is playing for a decade, and after so much patience and consistency made him reach a goal of earning $500k a month. So don’t get carried away by numbers or stardom as it takes a lot more than you think to reach up there. For your inspiration here is the list of top twitch streamers.


After gaining a fan base from twitch, there are dozens of things you can do to earn good money. YouTube is another source where you can post bloopers or small clips and create good money by ads revenue. You can review gaming consoles and earn commission by posting affiliate product links of those. It’s just you need to be very consistent with all these, and soon, you will receive whatever you are desiring or wondering right now.

These were some of the most effective and popular ways to make money on


Streaming games is cool, but I have tried it personally, and it is also pretty tiring and kind of boring when no one watches you. I again recommend you to think before investing your time into it because it does not work for all, but if you are serious about it, then you should give it a try and be constant. So this was all about how to make money on twitch, and I hope that you are much satisfied with this comprehensive article, but by anyhow, I forgot to clarify anything, then make a comment below, and I will be back to it with a positive answer.

Which game do you stream on twitch?


Top Twitch Streamers According to the Number of Followers

There is nothing better than doing what you love and getting paid for that. Twitch is a platform that helps you live this dream by showcasing your gaming skills. Just like YouTube, this game streaming platform has made many streamers into well-known celebrities and has become a suitable source of income for many streamers. There are various easy ways to earn through Twitch, which will be discussing in the next article. In this article, we will project some of the top twitch streamers with their current number of followers.

Top Twitch Streamers According to the Number of Followers

top twitch streamers


Richard Tyler Blevins or we should call him by his gaming name Ninja, which he is mostly known by. He is an American Twitch streamer with a follower base of 14,684,651. Apart from being a Twitch streamer, he is also a YouTuber, Intenet Celebrity, and a Professional Gamer. He is making an outstanding amount of money on twitch. So if you are looking to make money on twitch, he is your inspiration.

Ninja started playing games in the year 2009 and started streaming his skills live in the year 2011. Ninja also joined an organization of esports in 2017. Being the most followed streamer on Twitch has totally changed his life and made him the best twitch streamer. Currently, he invests his time in playing Fortnite and some first-person combat games. 


After Ninja, Shroud is the most popular streamer on Twitch with a fan base of 7,066,513 which is the second-highest on the Twitch platform. Michael Grzesiek, known by Shroud, is a Canadian streamer and has been a professional CS: GO, player. He joined Cloud9 and eSports, but due to some of his personal reasons, he left eSports in the year 2018.

Although Shroud left professional gaming, he is still a full-time streamer on Twitch, which is enough for his fans and loved ones. He is an unbeatable play of CounterStrike and ApexLegens, and he currently devotes his time in Call of Duty (COD) . Read this article on how to use twitch on pc.


Turner Ellis Tenney, aka Tfue, has 7 million+ fans on twitch and has recently reached the 11 million mark on YouTube. He is a professional gamer for Denial eSports and also plays Player’s Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) professionally for the Rogue. Having such a big base made him earn millions of dollars.

An unbeatable player of Fortnite, Tfue won $500k by winning the UMG Friday Fortnite tournament in the year 2018, and he also donated $5000 to a children’s hospital. Turner has also been into many controversies, which in some way helped him to achieve a good fan base.


A 20-year-old gaming geek, Myth is the captain of a clan named “Team Solo Mids,” which is one of the most successful organizations. Myth is also a YouTuber gaming channel which has about 4.42M subscribers. 

Myth played games since he was 4 years and later that he started streaming games in the year 2016. Being one of the most famous Twitch stars, he has gained his fan base and became an internet personality.


Summit1g is another famous twitch star, formerly known as Jaryd Russell Lazar. He has a fanbase of 3.90 million people on the twitch game streaming platform. He has created his stardom by showing off his profession CS:GO, and that is the reason he is also known for the first-person shooter”s.

Currently, Jaryd spends most of his time streaming World of Warcraft and switches it with games like GTA V and Sea of the thieves frequently. Summit1g has started a YouTube channel where he has a base of about 700k follo0wers.

Tim the Tatman

With a follower base of 4,102,997, Tim the Tatman has created its place in the top twitch streamers. Tim the Tatman is his streaming name, and Timothy John Betar is his real name. He started streaming in 2012 starting and subjects his fan base as #tatmanarmy, which is pretty cool.

A 28-year man who loves playing and honestly left his regular job to devote all his time to streaming regularly at Twitch. A beast in Fortnite, Tatman can’t afford to lose.


This player does something different from others, which is he does not shows his face while playing and drops a more focussed and enhanced visual experience. Also known by his real name “Brett Hoffman,” he has earned around 4 million twitch subscribers and owns a YouTube channel of a subscriber count of 3 million.

Dakotaz started his career by streaming Playerunknown’s Battleground (PUBG) and is now a super-skilled Fortnite player. After his boom period, he has also received sponsors and is now earning good money.


If you ever attended his stream, then you must be a fan of his excellent humor and sarcasm. Daequan is recently nominated for the best twitch streamer and as pretty good chances of getting the badge.

He has won many Fortnite invitations and is subjected as one of the best Fortnite players on twitch. Daequan has a family of 3.5 million people on twitch, which stimulates him to stream early and plays games like Overwatch and Destiny.

Dr. Disrespect

A player who brings not only pro gaming but also a grin on your face. Herschel Beahm IV plays himself as a funny character, which is popular for Dr. Disrespect. This Twitch streamer has about 3.5 million fans of his comic character and sarcastic commentary.

He plays games like PUBG, ApexLegends, and Call of Duty (COD), which made him one of the best twitch game streamers. Dr. Disrespect might be not characterized by a professional gamer but has won millions of hearts by regularly devoting his time to the stream.


These were some of the top twitch streamers who deserve the fame they got. If you are a streamer too, then comment down your channel name below, and I will certainly have a visit there and follow your channel to increase your twitch followers

I hope this article fulfilled all your queries, but if you have any questions regarding the subject of this article, then please share it with us, and we will reply to it in no time.

Which platform do you really prefer to stream on? Is it Twitch or YouTube?


How to Use Twitch On PC?

Twitch is a social game streaming platform that was discovered in the year 2011. In a year, it created its hype among all the game lovers and professionals. It gave birth to many professional gamers and offered a career line for many people. Although it is very easy and simple to use Twitch, in this article, we will learn about “How to use Twitch”, and other related information to make you in the list of the best twitch streamers.

Now when a twitch streamer popularly known as Ninja claimed that he is earning around $500k in a month, many teenagers projected their interest in it. Many people left there regular standard job just to continue as a full-time gamer. So if you are too interested in something like that then you are at the very right place as here I will explain everything which will let you get started with twitch.

how to use twitch

How to Use Twitch?

As mentioned before, twitch is not that complicated or complex as you think it is, and moreover, it projects a userfriendly interface. If you want to watch any stream, then you can just visit the official website i.e.,, and without any signup or login, you can view people but to participate and do other things you have to make an account and log in to do other interactions. There are some things you should know before starting up with twitch.

If you want to perform and need the ability to interact as a person or broadcast or stream your own game then you need an account on twitch, below here I have mentioned steps to create an account on twitch easily.

Steps to Create an Account on Twitch

  • Visit the official website:
  • Click on signup button at the top right corner and fill up the details
  • Put the verification code which you have received in your email account. For more information you can read this post on how to create an account on twitch.

Yipee! Now you have a twitch account, let us move to other important things. 

Setup You Channel Page

Setting up the channel page is very important for you to begin with twitch. You can add a description to your channel and appealing texts that stimulate people to join your broadcast or to follow you. Also, you can edit your channel theme and add extra categories like About Me, Know More, and something which will amuse your visitors. To visit the channel page, open your twitch and click on the top drop-down menu where you will find the channel page.

After setting up the channel page, you can follow some regular and popular streamers to start getting notifications of their broadcast and become a constant viewer. Also, if you really liked someone, then you can subscribe to them by paying a small subscription fee. But all these are just not the best thing until you stream on your channel and interact with your audience.

Stream and Entertain Your Audience

Watching people stream is good, and I too watch streams by broadcasted by Dr. Disrespect and most favorite Ninja. But you will be amazed by the feeling when someone joins your own broadcast and says hi to you, and this interaction is the only thing that motivates thousands of streamers broadcast regularly.

Broadcasting is not simple or easy as viewing a stream but the hustle is worth the amazing feeling you get by doing it. 


You can easily watch a stream on any internet-enabled device, but unlike that, you can’t stream your game anywhere as you need certain things to do that. After signing up and joining other streams, it is kind of easy to broadcast as you know how it works. 

To broadcast you need:

  • A Good PC/Laptop/Gaming Console
  • Stable Internet Connection
  • Streaming Softwares

Good Machine: It is very important to have a good machine to broadcast your games as streaming needs a good setup. You need a computer that has a specification of at least 4GB RAM, Intel-Core i5-4670 processor, and a stable operating system (Windows 7 or more) to stream on twitch. Also, a good graphics card if you are planning to do high graphic games. You can stream on twitch via your gaming consoles, too, like Xbox and PlayStation.

Stable Internet Connection: Before you move further, make sure you have a good internet connection as people will surely leave your stream if it lagged or buffered. So you need to give a check on your internet speed and make sure it is sufficient enough to project your screen live without any lag or buffer.

Streaming Software: The most important thing which you need to start streaming your game on twitch is the streaming software. It helps you to capture your screen and pass the data to the servers of streaming service (here: Twitch). The most popular streaming softwares are Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) and XSplit. I have already mentioned these two softwares and configuring them in a previous article – check here.

Ease in Watching

Twitch constantly improves its user interface for better user experience, and it also released an app tagged as Twitch. Not a partial app as it is offered to both Android and iOs users. The sad thing about this application is you cannot broadcast games on it, but you can surely enjoy other streams and even chat with other users and have fun. Twitch Mobile App is available on both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, so go and download it now.


I personally enjoy joining streams on twitch and make new cool friends. Twitch is not just a social platform but also a career option for many gamers. If you are a gamer too, then stream and show off your super gaming skills to gain twitch followers. So this was everything about “How to use Twitch,” and now you know why I said that it is simple and easy to use twitch. I hope that this piece of information helped you, and if not, then make a comment below, and I will certainly reply back to serve you. 

Who is your favorite streamer on twitch, and which game do you stream the most?