How to Create an Account on Twitch?

The wave of streaming on the Internet has been growing exceptionally, and the popularity of this type of streaming has peaked over the last few years. This was responsible for creating several new stream platforms like YouTube and Twitch and made several thousand people become streamers and made it their primary source of income. In this article, we will comprehensively clarify the query “How to create an account on Twitch” and help you get started with your Twitch account.

Twitch is a game streaming platform where you can play your desired game and showcase your skills to everyone. There are about 15 million active viewers at the platform and thousands of pro streamers who are there to entertain you with their awesome games and let you relax while they hustle. Twitch changed the life of many streamers by making turned them into a well-known internet celebrity and superhero for their fans. If you are struggling to start up with Twitch, then you are at the very right place as this article is for the ones who are completely blanked about

create twitch account

How to Create an Account on Twitch?

Getting started and creating an account on Twitch is very simple and easy. Below are certain things you should know before you start up with your Twitch account.


Streaming online on Twitch is easy and simple if you fulfill certain criteria and have some knowledge about the platform and how does it work. Read this post on how to use twitch on pc.

Requirements for a viewer

Witnessing people hustle and struggle in a game is one of the fun things to do online, and I personally enjoy viewing games, and my favorite streamer is Ninja. Anyways, to view, you just need a device where you can reach out to the Twitch website ( and a Twitch account. If you have a device but struggling for an account, then sit back because you will be clarified with all your questions in this comprehensive article. Also, you need a good internet connection as a quality visual, and lag-free experience demands fast internet speed. 

Requirements for a streamer

Streaming live on the internet with so many dedicated viewers push you to enhance their experience. Apart from a good machine or gaming console, there are certain requirements to start with streaming on Twitch. I have listed below the basic requirements for you to stream on

Streaming Software

Like, a domain of a website is nothing without a good hosting, your streaming account and PC is nothing without a streaming software. A streaming software works to capture and compress your visuals and send it to the server of your streaming service(Twitch). There are many streaming software, but I would recommend you to choose from Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) and XSplit. To start streaming twitch on pc, you need good streaming software.

Good Microphone & Webcam

The viewers offer the most precious thing to you, which is time, and if they are paying their attention and time, then you should make efforts to enhance their experience at your channel. For that, you need a microphone and a webcam to improve the audio & video quality of your stream. 

So these were some basic requirements you need to consider before starting up with Twitch.


Steps to Create an Account on

As mentioned before, making an account on Twitch is pretty easy and simple due to the user-friendly interface they offer, but if you are a little confused with it, then below here are simple steps to create an account on Twitch.


  1. Visit the Official Website: The first thing you need to do is to visit their official website that is
  1. Sign up:: After visiting the official website, click on the top right corner button, which says, “Sign up.”
  2. Enter the Info: The next page will be a form asking simple questions like username (type your desired name), password, date of birth, email (use your email only), and captcha verification. 
  3. Enter Verification Code: Next thing will be a popup asking for a verification code which is sent to your email id (the email you used while registering)

Now you own a Twitch account and now can easily move further to view or stream games.

Certain Things You Need to Know About Twitch

Follow Channels & Games

To view and be a part of a streamer’s family, you must follow their channel. If you want a variety of streams, then make sure you follow as many channels and different games as you can. No one likes to view the twitch channel, which has no followers and fewer views. One of the ways to increase your channel growth is to buy twitch followers and viewers.

A Better Visual Experience

So you love watching streams, but there might be a thing you don’t know which is “Theatre Mode,” this mode gives you a better and bigger visual experience by decreasing the live chat and other options and increasing the main screen.

Become Social

There is also the option of adding new friends, which will make you more social and help you create your own audience. The inbox or message box of Twitch is called “Whispers,” which is quite amusing, and interacting with new people makes it more than just a streaming platform.


Twitch Prime

If you are a subscriber of Amazon Prime, then you will also have the perk to be a member of Twitch Prime, which offers ad-free video experience, a free monthly channel, and a lot of free games & goodies. Also, make sure to claim every month’s Prime loot from the crown option (at the top right corner)



You can stream games on twitch for a maximum of 48hours and not more than that. So this was all about “how to create an account Twitch,” and I certainly hope that I fulfilled all your queries regarding the subject and other related things to it. I am not a gamer for sure, but I love watching those professional streams and be a part of it. If you are stuck at any step or need any solution regarding the subject, then please make a comment below so that I can help you by posting a helpful solution.


Please don’t forget me as you might be the next streaming celebrity.


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