How to Use Twitch On PC?

Twitch is a social game streaming platform that was discovered in the year 2011. In a year, it created its hype among all the game lovers and professionals. It gave birth to many professional gamers and offered a career line for many people. Although it is very easy and simple to use Twitch, in this article, we will learn about “How to use Twitch”, and other related information to make you in the list of the best twitch streamers.

Now when a twitch streamer popularly known as Ninja claimed that he is earning around $500k in a month, many teenagers projected their interest in it. Many people left there regular standard job just to continue as a full-time gamer. So if you are too interested in something like that then you are at the very right place as here I will explain everything which will let you get started with twitch.

how to use twitch

How to Use Twitch?

As mentioned before, twitch is not that complicated or complex as you think it is, and moreover, it projects a userfriendly interface. If you want to watch any stream, then you can just visit the official website i.e.,, and without any signup or login, you can view people but to participate and do other things you have to make an account and log in to do other interactions. There are some things you should know before starting up with twitch.

If you want to perform and need the ability to interact as a person or broadcast or stream your own game then you need an account on twitch, below here I have mentioned steps to create an account on twitch easily.

Steps to Create an Account on Twitch

  • Visit the official website:
  • Click on signup button at the top right corner and fill up the details
  • Put the verification code which you have received in your email account. For more information you can read this post on how to create an account on twitch.

Yipee! Now you have a twitch account, let us move to other important things. 

Setup You Channel Page

Setting up the channel page is very important for you to begin with twitch. You can add a description to your channel and appealing texts that stimulate people to join your broadcast or to follow you. Also, you can edit your channel theme and add extra categories like About Me, Know More, and something which will amuse your visitors. To visit the channel page, open your twitch and click on the top drop-down menu where you will find the channel page.

After setting up the channel page, you can follow some regular and popular streamers to start getting notifications of their broadcast and become a constant viewer. Also, if you really liked someone, then you can subscribe to them by paying a small subscription fee. But all these are just not the best thing until you stream on your channel and interact with your audience.

Stream and Entertain Your Audience

Watching people stream is good, and I too watch streams by broadcasted by Dr. Disrespect and most favorite Ninja. But you will be amazed by the feeling when someone joins your own broadcast and says hi to you, and this interaction is the only thing that motivates thousands of streamers broadcast regularly.

Broadcasting is not simple or easy as viewing a stream but the hustle is worth the amazing feeling you get by doing it. 


You can easily watch a stream on any internet-enabled device, but unlike that, you can’t stream your game anywhere as you need certain things to do that. After signing up and joining other streams, it is kind of easy to broadcast as you know how it works. 

To broadcast you need:

  • A Good PC/Laptop/Gaming Console
  • Stable Internet Connection
  • Streaming Softwares

Good Machine: It is very important to have a good machine to broadcast your games as streaming needs a good setup. You need a computer that has a specification of at least 4GB RAM, Intel-Core i5-4670 processor, and a stable operating system (Windows 7 or more) to stream on twitch. Also, a good graphics card if you are planning to do high graphic games. You can stream on twitch via your gaming consoles, too, like Xbox and PlayStation.

Stable Internet Connection: Before you move further, make sure you have a good internet connection as people will surely leave your stream if it lagged or buffered. So you need to give a check on your internet speed and make sure it is sufficient enough to project your screen live without any lag or buffer.

Streaming Software: The most important thing which you need to start streaming your game on twitch is the streaming software. It helps you to capture your screen and pass the data to the servers of streaming service (here: Twitch). The most popular streaming softwares are Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) and XSplit. I have already mentioned these two softwares and configuring them in a previous article – check here.

Ease in Watching

Twitch constantly improves its user interface for better user experience, and it also released an app tagged as Twitch. Not a partial app as it is offered to both Android and iOs users. The sad thing about this application is you cannot broadcast games on it, but you can surely enjoy other streams and even chat with other users and have fun. Twitch Mobile App is available on both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, so go and download it now.


I personally enjoy joining streams on twitch and make new cool friends. Twitch is not just a social platform but also a career option for many gamers. If you are a gamer too, then stream and show off your super gaming skills to gain twitch followers. So this was everything about “How to use Twitch,” and now you know why I said that it is simple and easy to use twitch. I hope that this piece of information helped you, and if not, then make a comment below, and I will certainly reply back to serve you. 

Who is your favorite streamer on twitch, and which game do you stream the most?


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