How to Make Money on Twitch?

It almost sounds fake and senseless if someone paid you for playing super awesome games, right? But there are certain ways which will make this statement pure and genuine. Yes, you can earn money by playing and streaming games, and in this article, I will explain how to make money on twitch and other relevant things comprehensively. If you don’t know what twitch is, then you must be dead for certain years socially as it is one of the most trending topics on the internet.

Twitch is a platform just like YouTube but has a slight difference. It allows you to view or stream games. You can play games on your computer or gaming console and stream it live online and have fun with millions of active users. The real shocking perk is that you can even make it a primary source of income and drop off your regular job as many of the successful streamers did. Stick to the article if you want to know certain ways to make money on twitch.

How to Make Money on Twitch?

How to Make Money on Twitch

This question has received much interest in new teenagers, but I will recommend people to not to get influenced by the money top streamers are making because they gave years of hard work and patience for where they are. But if you are really serious about streaming games and searching for ways to earn on twitch, then you are at the very right place, below here are some verified and effective ways to make money on twitch.

The top streamers have often said that they are earning pretty good through twitch. Recently, Ninja claimed that he has reached up to the mark of $500/month, which is pretty amazing, and all this has stimulated so many people to join this league of streamers. 


Once you sign up for Twitch, you can add a donation button to your channel, allowing viewers to donate money to you. Although it is not that effective as below mentioned ways, it can still be a backup for your small expenses. Donations can range from INR.70 ($1) to INR.70000 ($1000) at one time. The good thing is that they don’t have to pay for a subscription or have a minimum number of fans to collect donations.


It is the most effective way to earn a good living by streaming games on Twitch. After receiving constant viewers of more than a number of 500, then you can sign up for a free twitch partner program. After signing up with a twitch partner program, people can subscribe to your channel for $4.99 dollar a month. Twitch being the host of your channel, will charge $2.50 and pay the rest $2.49 to you. This will certainly grow your regular income, and you just need potential subscribers for whom you can work and play hard.

Affiliate Program

Twitch has always been kind to its streamers and constantly do changes and bring out new thing in favor of the hardworking streamers. Twitch has also released its Affiliate Program, which will allow users to send bits to show a gesture of supporting your stream. To be a part of the Twitch Affiliate, you will need to comply with the statements mentioned below:

  • Must have 50 followers. Read this post on how to increase twitch followers.
  • Broadcasted for 500 minutes in the last 30 days.
  • Broadcasted seven times in 30 days
  • User should have at least three different viewers in the stream (in last 30 days)

If you comply with these points then within a month you will receive a request mail to join the affiliate program. Some people purchase twitch followers to increase their followers. We offer high-quality twitch followers at an affordable price.

Ad Revenues 

No one on Earth like creepy ads, but these ads are the ones running the internet and also the most popular way of earning online and not only on twitch but even on YouTube and other websites. So the streamers can earn through ads revenue, which depends upon the number of viewers watch the ad on the particular channel stream. It is an amazing source of income if you have a big follower base as it will increase the number of ad views and eventually increase your revenue.


If you got enough fans online and viewers on the stream, then you might get offers from big brands that will ask you to use their product in your stream and will pay you a really good sum for it. I will remind you that it takes a lot of time getting or reaching that level; for instance, the most popular streamer of twitch “Ninja” is playing for a decade, and after so much patience and consistency made him reach a goal of earning $500k a month. So don’t get carried away by numbers or stardom as it takes a lot more than you think to reach up there. For your inspiration here is the list of top twitch streamers.


After gaining a fan base from twitch, there are dozens of things you can do to earn good money. YouTube is another source where you can post bloopers or small clips and create good money by ads revenue. You can review gaming consoles and earn commission by posting affiliate product links of those. It’s just you need to be very consistent with all these, and soon, you will receive whatever you are desiring or wondering right now.

These were some of the most effective and popular ways to make money on


Streaming games is cool, but I have tried it personally, and it is also pretty tiring and kind of boring when no one watches you. I again recommend you to think before investing your time into it because it does not work for all, but if you are serious about it, then you should give it a try and be constant. So this was all about how to make money on twitch, and I hope that you are much satisfied with this comprehensive article, but by anyhow, I forgot to clarify anything, then make a comment below, and I will be back to it with a positive answer.

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