How to Start Streaming on Twitch on PC?

Streaming games is the next big thing on the internet, and it has already created its hype, which started from YouTube and brought a whole new platform for streaming games called “Twitch.” In recent years has gained a huge number of streamers as well as viewers. If you are searching for a subject related to “How to start streaming on twitch on PC,” then you are at the very right place, and sticking to this comprehensive article will certainly kill all your queries. If you don’t have twitch account then you should read this post on how to create an account on twitch.

Start Streaming on Twitch

If you like experiencing super awesome games or even love to show off your gaming skills to get more twitch followers, then is the place for you to go right away. If you are not satisfied with your current twitch followers count, then you can buy twitch followers to increase your followers.

The thing which attracts most of the streamers is its simple interface and the free streaming service for all. Let us get started with the inked subject.

Note: Apart from computers and laptops, twitch also allows other gaming consoles to stream like PlayStation & Xbox, but we will stick to the subject, which is about streaming on PC.

How to Start Streaming on Twitch on PC?

Before we move to more complicated steps, first understand the needs required to stream on Twitch and ready it up. I have stated some points which you need to start streaming and blowing the internet with your super-cool gaming skills.

Here Are Some Important Things to Check on before Starting with the Main Subject

A Good Machine

You don’t need a beast machine or any expensive computer to stream on twitch; you only need those if you are playing/streaming any high graphics or extremely premium game. Twitch requires a basic processor of Intel-Core i5-4670 or (an equivalent AMD processor), a minimum of 4GB of RAM, and a Windows 7 operating system for least. If you are going to stream big high graphics games, then you must consider your graphics card too (must support Direct X and above). Apart from all these machine specifications, you should be connected to a fast internet for the hassle-less experience. Also, make sure you have a decent microphone and a webcam so that viewers can have an excellent quality of audiovisuals.

Twitch Account

Without a Twitch account, it is impossible for you can’t project anything, but the good news is making a twitch account is really easy, and it does not ask even for a penny (absolutely free). You can directly visit and sign up for free. You can edit your profile avatar, name, and channel description to attract more viewers.


There are some dedicated softwares which will act as a server between you and the twitch. The OBS or Open Broadcasting Software and the XSplit Software are the two most popular softwares used to stream high quality and lag-free games. OBS is completely free, but whereas XSplit has some key features which are offered to only paid subscribers. Apart from these two, Gameshow is another userfriendly and simple streaming software you can try.

According to the latest currents, we can say that will launch its own streaming software.

So these were some petty requirements to start streaming on the biggest game streaming platform.

Setting up Your Twitch Page

Now you know enough about the needs to start streaming on twitch on PC. First of all, you need to install and set up a broadcasting or streaming software (say OBS or XSplit). As mentioned before, Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) is free, but the drawback is that it takes big storage and is a little complex, whereas XSplit is simple and easy to understand but paid. 

After the installation of streaming software, you should now Signup or Login to; then at the dashboard, you will have a search bar where you can search and select the game you want to play, later that type the broadcast name and click update.

Configuration of Streaming Software

The final and most exciting step is to know how to use your streaming software. After setting your Twitch page, you need to configure your streaming software to start finally.

I recommend you to choose Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) if you are just starting up with game streaming as this software is free to use and that makes it an ideal one. Open the software and jump to the settings tab and click on “Broadcast Setting,” and there select “Twitch” as your streaming service. This tab will also ask for a stream key that you will get from the dashboard of the Twitch website, copy the stream key, and past it at the OBS tab and press OK.

After all these simple and easy settings, you need to follow below setups to finally go live:

  • In OBS, open the source box and select “Game Capture.”
  • Now select the game of your choice and click OK
  • On the next page, you can add any additional logo or layout if you want to or skip and click on Start Streaming.

And DONE! If you followed each step, then you must be live streaming on Twitch.


Streaming games live is one of the best fun things to do on the internet and gain the power to your social strength or even a way to get popular. I personally watch the game stream for like hours and love to. In this article, we solved the query of how to start streaming on Twitch on PC, and I hope that this comprehensive piece of knowledge satisfied all your queries but anyhow I left something, or you are stuck at any step then please let me know by making a comment below, and I will be back to you with the best possible solution and leave you with no doubt.

Which is your favorite PC game that you will be streaming first on Twitch?


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