Top Twitch Streamers According to the Number of Followers

There is nothing better than doing what you love and getting paid for that. Twitch is a platform that helps you live this dream by showcasing your gaming skills. Just like YouTube, this game streaming platform has made many streamers into well-known celebrities and has become a suitable source of income for many streamers. There are various easy ways to earn through Twitch, which will be discussing in the next article. In this article, we will project some of the top twitch streamers with their current number of followers.

Top Twitch Streamers According to the Number of Followers

top twitch streamers


Richard Tyler Blevins or we should call him by his gaming name Ninja, which he is mostly known by. He is an American Twitch streamer with a follower base of 14,684,651. Apart from being a Twitch streamer, he is also a YouTuber, Intenet Celebrity, and a Professional Gamer. He is making an outstanding amount of money on twitch. So if you are looking to make money on twitch, he is your inspiration.

Ninja started playing games in the year 2009 and started streaming his skills live in the year 2011. Ninja also joined an organization of esports in 2017. Being the most followed streamer on Twitch has totally changed his life and made him the best twitch streamer. Currently, he invests his time in playing Fortnite and some first-person combat games. 


After Ninja, Shroud is the most popular streamer on Twitch with a fan base of 7,066,513 which is the second-highest on the Twitch platform. Michael Grzesiek, known by Shroud, is a Canadian streamer and has been a professional CS: GO, player. He joined Cloud9 and eSports, but due to some of his personal reasons, he left eSports in the year 2018.

Although Shroud left professional gaming, he is still a full-time streamer on Twitch, which is enough for his fans and loved ones. He is an unbeatable play of CounterStrike and ApexLegens, and he currently devotes his time in Call of Duty (COD) . Read this article on how to use twitch on pc.


Turner Ellis Tenney, aka Tfue, has 7 million+ fans on twitch and has recently reached the 11 million mark on YouTube. He is a professional gamer for Denial eSports and also plays Player’s Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) professionally for the Rogue. Having such a big base made him earn millions of dollars.

An unbeatable player of Fortnite, Tfue won $500k by winning the UMG Friday Fortnite tournament in the year 2018, and he also donated $5000 to a children’s hospital. Turner has also been into many controversies, which in some way helped him to achieve a good fan base.


A 20-year-old gaming geek, Myth is the captain of a clan named “Team Solo Mids,” which is one of the most successful organizations. Myth is also a YouTuber gaming channel which has about 4.42M subscribers. 

Myth played games since he was 4 years and later that he started streaming games in the year 2016. Being one of the most famous Twitch stars, he has gained his fan base and became an internet personality.


Summit1g is another famous twitch star, formerly known as Jaryd Russell Lazar. He has a fanbase of 3.90 million people on the twitch game streaming platform. He has created his stardom by showing off his profession CS:GO, and that is the reason he is also known for the first-person shooter”s.

Currently, Jaryd spends most of his time streaming World of Warcraft and switches it with games like GTA V and Sea of the thieves frequently. Summit1g has started a YouTube channel where he has a base of about 700k follo0wers.

Tim the Tatman

With a follower base of 4,102,997, Tim the Tatman has created its place in the top twitch streamers. Tim the Tatman is his streaming name, and Timothy John Betar is his real name. He started streaming in 2012 starting and subjects his fan base as #tatmanarmy, which is pretty cool.

A 28-year man who loves playing and honestly left his regular job to devote all his time to streaming regularly at Twitch. A beast in Fortnite, Tatman can’t afford to lose.


This player does something different from others, which is he does not shows his face while playing and drops a more focussed and enhanced visual experience. Also known by his real name “Brett Hoffman,” he has earned around 4 million twitch subscribers and owns a YouTube channel of a subscriber count of 3 million.

Dakotaz started his career by streaming Playerunknown’s Battleground (PUBG) and is now a super-skilled Fortnite player. After his boom period, he has also received sponsors and is now earning good money.


If you ever attended his stream, then you must be a fan of his excellent humor and sarcasm. Daequan is recently nominated for the best twitch streamer and as pretty good chances of getting the badge.

He has won many Fortnite invitations and is subjected as one of the best Fortnite players on twitch. Daequan has a family of 3.5 million people on twitch, which stimulates him to stream early and plays games like Overwatch and Destiny.

Dr. Disrespect

A player who brings not only pro gaming but also a grin on your face. Herschel Beahm IV plays himself as a funny character, which is popular for Dr. Disrespect. This Twitch streamer has about 3.5 million fans of his comic character and sarcastic commentary.

He plays games like PUBG, ApexLegends, and Call of Duty (COD), which made him one of the best twitch game streamers. Dr. Disrespect might be not characterized by a professional gamer but has won millions of hearts by regularly devoting his time to the stream.


These were some of the top twitch streamers who deserve the fame they got. If you are a streamer too, then comment down your channel name below, and I will certainly have a visit there and follow your channel to increase your twitch followers

I hope this article fulfilled all your queries, but if you have any questions regarding the subject of this article, then please share it with us, and we will reply to it in no time.

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